sobota 24. novembra 2012

Living room

Die Slowakische Schmuckmannschaft

Nowadays, thanks to the global net, we often intensifying in touch with the people at the other end of the world. We share with them our feelings, moods, and information, all through the screen. The only condition of life is such an internet connection. Through the project Living rooom we linked both worlds to create a new phenomenon and the ability to track not only exhibition projects through the net.

Living room is a concept of Big Brother phenomenon transformed into the live process of creation. Mini Artist-Residency (at Welserstr. 11, 81373 Munich) was comprised of 10 professional young artists from Slovakia. They created a collective art stage as their adaptation to Munich Schmuck 2012 context. Constantly transforming installation was running for 10 days. Public could watch the whole transformation as a live stream internet presentation, on the website: For the last three days of the transformation, an exhibition was opened to an audience in the Studio with forming artists.

Andrea Ďurianová, Ján Guga, Jan Michalisko, Mária Nepšinská, Slávka Ondrušová, Hanka Polívková, Pavol Prekop, Rudolf Rusňák, Kristýna Španihelová, Tatiana Warenichová

Internet live stream on

Organized by Jeweller's Association AURA

Project Living room was realized with the subsidy of The Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic